There are many good reasons to have a will drafted for you. It is the only way to ensure that your legacy goes to the beneficiaries of your choosing. If you do not have a properly executed will, then your assets will be distributed by the court system according to the NC Intestate Succession Act. Sometimes the application of this act will lead to counterintuitive results, particularly for non-traditional families.

In addition to ensuring your legacy goes to your chosen beneficiaries, a will greatly expedites how quickly your beneficiaries will be able to receive your assets after your death.

A will may also minimize the risk of family conflicts that might occur if it is unclear how you wanted to distribute your assets. You can also use a will to put certain conditions on how your assets are used. For example, perhaps you would like your children or grandchildren to only use your assets for educational purposes. Or perhaps you have a beneficiary that has special needs and you would like to make special provisions. Specific language can be included in a will that addresses your unique situation and estate planning needs.