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I’m a Power of Attorney, Now What?

The process of being appointed a power of attorney for a family member or loved one can be challenging for a variety of legal and emotional reasons. The prospect of handling the financial or medical decisions for someone you care about when they are no longer capable of doing so can seem overwhelming. But having these powerful documents in place can make incredibly difficult situations much less challenging in the midst of crisis.

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New NC LLC Statute

In the midst of this tumultuous political season, North Carolina has passed a new Limited Liability Company (LLC) statute. The stated purpose of the new Act is, “to provide a flexible framework under which one or more persons may organize and manage one or more businesses as they determine to be appropriate with minimum prescribed formalities or constraints.” This Act will go into effect on January 1, 2014.

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Buncombe County Accepting Gay Marriage License Applications

Drew Reisinger, the Buncombe County Registrar of Deeds, has taken an important step towards challenging North Carolina’s constitutional ban on gay marriage. In a move inspired by the June 26th Supreme Court decision that struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act, Reisinger began accepting marriage license applications from gay couples on Tuesday, October 15th. When asked by the press about his primary reason for accepting the applications, Reisinger said, “I have concerns about whether we are violating people's civil rights."

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