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Update on Same-Sex Marriage Tax Status

In response to recent updates on the legal status of same-sex marriage, the NC Department of Revenue has issued a Directive. This Directive replaces the last one on this topic, which advised same-sex couples to file jointly federally and as single for NC State. The new Directive allows for same-sex couples that are legally married in any state by December 31, 2014 to file a North Carolina tax return using the same filing status claimed on the federal income tax return.

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Buncombe County Accepting Gay Marriage License Applications

Drew Reisinger, the Buncombe County Registrar of Deeds, has taken an important step towards challenging North Carolina’s constitutional ban on gay marriage. In a move inspired by the June 26th Supreme Court decision that struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act, Reisinger began accepting marriage license applications from gay couples on Tuesday, October 15th. When asked by the press about his primary reason for accepting the applications, Reisinger said, “I have concerns about whether we are violating people's civil rights."

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